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good Buddhist retreat centres in Isaan
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    so happy! good Buddhist retreat centres in Isaan

    Hi there,

    I have been keeping abreast of the situation in Thailand, while still thinking over my idea of going on a short retreat in Isaan nearing the Kim Jay Festival this year. I have never been to Isaan, save for transiting through NongKhai Station en route into Laos. This time, I will probably have about 2 weeks on hand, during which I intend to spend a couple of days in Bangkok (which is where I will fly in and fly out of Thailand), and the rest of the days in Isaan. I plan to spend part of the time on a retreat, and part of it savouring the Isaan way of life and sightseeing. Does anyone have any personal experiences in regards to which Buddhist temples to approach (i.e. monks/mae chees who have deep, long personal experiences with meditating, good Buddhist teachings) to recommend? Also, I'm mindful that some of these temples/centres may not have phone/email access. Am I allowed to just turn up and then get enrolled into a retreat?

    Another issue that has been bothering me for quite a while: I am increasingly getting annoyed that due to bread and butter issues, most of us probably can only afford bits and pieces of time off (e.g. a few days here, a couple of weeks there) for travelling to Thailand, when we actually wish to spend so much more of our time in Thailand. How do we get around this, other than waiting for retirement? (Here, I am more of complaining rather than hoping for an answer that can really help me, for working in Thailand is out of the question for me, at least for now). :(
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    Re: good Buddhist retreat centres in Isaan

    See attached link to monastery set up by Ajaan Chaa just outside Ubon Ratchatani:

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    Re: good Buddhist retreat centres in Isaan


    With airfares as high as they are, it is pretty rough to spend that much money for the flight and only be able to stay one or two weeks.

    My wife and I have been going every two years and staying for a month. I don't work and she just saves up her vacation time (however the company she works for just changed that hoo). Things are definitely getting tight all over.


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