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Phra Buddha Chinnarat temple fair January 2015
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    Phra Buddha Chinnarat temple fair January 2015

    Hi there,

    Anyone with any idea about how to find out when in January would the Phra Buddha Chinnarat festival at Wat Yai, Phitsantulok be held in 2015? Can't find the information online nor on TAT website. It is supposed to be one of the most beautifully carved Buddha statues in Thailand.
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    Re: Phra Buddha Chinnarat temple fair January 2015

    All I can find is that it 'occurs' (begins?) on the 6th day of the waxing moon of the third lunar month. I realize you probably already know this much, but thought I would post it just in case . . .

    Here's the link to a very short article:

    I wonder if you could get the information by emailing one of the hotels in Pitsanulok? They might respond in anticipation of your booking a room.

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    Re: Phra Buddha Chinnarat temple fair January 2015


    I was just there a few weeks ago it is beautiful and has rather large temple grounds.

    short story

    I was there on a late sunday afternoon as i was entering a young girl with her mother came up and wanted to practice her english by giving us a tour. great, her mother stayed in the backgroud and let her do all the talking as a teacher I just love this, when she found out I was a teacher then she wanted me to correct her pronounciation I had a great time talking and conversing and teaching and learning about things i probably would never have found out other wize.
    her english was quiet good for a 12 yr old.

    they do have the only Pulpits in thailand they are gilded and very ornate and beautiful they are inside glass so can't touch. I didn't have the heart to tell her they had used the wrong word in bronze
    name plates. they called them pupils instead of pulpits.

    I didn't realize how big the city was or how old. this temple is one of the oldest
    they have a nice night walking street along the river for shopping and eating

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