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    How to order KUAI TIAO (Thai Noodle Soup)

    Kuai Tiao also known as Thai Noodle Soup, is the most basic food that are widely available everywhere in Thailand. There are a variety of noodle dishes available between dry dishes and soup dishes. It can be considered the Fast Food of choice for the majority of Thai people.

    Kuai Tiao, is served as soup or dry, with a variety of noodles to choose from narrow, broad or vermicelli. And prepared with a variety of meats, such as pork, beef, duck, fish, meatballs, fishballs or organ's pig. Including vegetables and bean sprouts. And served with Thai condiments to taste.

    These are examples of the types of soups in Thailand.
    - Kuai Tiao Nam Sai (Thai Noodle with Clear Soup)
    - Kuai Tiao Nam Tok (Thai Noodle with Brown Broth Soup)
    - Kuai Tiao Tom Yam (Thai Noodle with Spicy and Sour Soup)
    - Kuai Tiao Yentafo (Thai Noodle with Red/Pink Soup)
    - Kuai Tiao Sukhothai or Kuai Tiao Chakangrao (similar Tom Yam)
    - Kuai Tiao Khaew (Thai Noodle Soup with Assorted Meatballs)
    - Bami Mu Daeng (Egg Noodles with Red Pork)

    Kuai Tiao are eaten with a pair of chopsticks and a short broad spoon.

    Tip for Ordering, Selecting step by step
    1. Noodles : narrow(Lek), broad(Yai), vermicelli(Sen-Mi) or Bami(Sen-Ba-Mi) , Glass noodle(Wun-sen)
    2. Soup : Soup or Dry
    3. Type of Soup : Nam Sai, Nam Tok, Tom Yam, Yentafo etc...
    4. Meats : pork, beef, duck, fish , Meatballs or Mixed

    Example >> Lek - Dry - Tom Yam - Mixed
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