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News: Putting Money in a Thai Bank?
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    Putting Money in a Thai Bank?

    The insurance on deposits went from 50 million THB to 25 Million THB, this August. Next August, they will cut the the maximum to 1 million baht.

    Seems like banks are going to start playing the ponies! With so much less to cover, they have so much less to lose.

    Or, maybe the economy doesn't hold that promise that has been promised.
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    Re: Putting Money in a Thai Bank?

    I once read a post whereas a man claimed to have deposited a large sum of money in a Phuket bank. The next day when he tried to withdraw some money from an ATM, the account was not recognized.

    He went to the bank and the bank stated they had no record of him ever making a deposit or opening an account. The young lady who was his teller had apparently faked the receipt, took all his money, and left town!

    Not sure if it is a true story, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened that way.


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