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Rudy Giuliani is claiming to have insider FBI knowledge. Does he really?

Rudy Giuliani told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum on Oct. 26 that Donald Trump had “a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next two days.”

“I’m talking about some pretty big surprise,” he said.

Two days later, FBI Director James Comey revealed to Congress that his agents had resumed their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, after agents in an unrelated case discovered emails that could potentially be relevant to the server case.

Giuliani is a former U.S. attorney and New York mayor whose former law firm represents the FBI Agents Association, as the Daily Beast points out. But does he have inside sources at the bureau who might have given him a heads-up about what was to come?

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Giuliani said no, and that he in particular had no heads-up on Comey’s big reveal. He said his cryptic prediction of a surprise was about a Donald Trump advertising blitz in the final days of the campaign, and he had not talked to current FBI agents in the last eight to ten months.

“In that particular situation, I was actually talking about the advertising campaign that you were referencing earlier, that I knew was going to come as a big surprise,” Giuliani said of his comments to Martha MacCallum.

Giuliani also addressed the question in an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning, though his answers were so vague that it is difficult to assess even what exactly he claimed to have known about.

Giuliani said he was “real careful not to talkto any on-duty, active FBI agents,” but he had “a lot of friends who are retired FBI agents, close, personal friends.” He then opined about how his retired agent friends disagreed with Comey’s decision not to charge Clinton in the email case, and they felt the Justice Department was “obstructing” agents’ separate efforts to look into the Clinton Foundation.

That is all roughly true — though it was career public integrity prosecutors, rather than politically appointed Justice Department officials, who were skeptical of the agents’ foundation evidence and denied their request to go forward. But it was also all recently made public, and Giuliani wouldn’t have needed insider or even retired sources to talk about it.

Giuliani was then asked about his comments to MacCallum. What exactly did he know, and what of the suggestion that he might have been “part of that”?

“I’m not part of it at all,” Giuliani said. “All I heard were former FBI agents telling me that there’s revolution going on inside the FBI and it’s now at a boiling point, and —”

“So you had a general idea that something was coming,” host Brian Kilmeade interrupted.

“I, I had expected this for the last, honestly to tell you the truth, I thought it was going to be about three or four weeks ago, because back, way back in July this started, they kept getting stymied looking for subpoenas, looking for records,” Giuliani said.

The answer suggests Giuliani is claiming to have known not of the development in the Clinton email case, but of frustration over the Clinton Foundation matter. Agents wanting to look into the foundation made a pitch to career public integrity prosecutors in February and were told they did not have enough evidence to move forward. The development in the Clinton email case was far more recent. Agents investigating former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) recovered the computer now at issue in the email case in early October.

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