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    Re: 90 day reporting per internet

    Quote Originally Posted by Tod-Daniels View Post
    A lot of times it's because you're running a pop-up-blocker, and when you press send it tries to open another page but is blocked from doing so.

    Also a tip is, IF there isn't a red star beside a variable data field on the page DON'T put anything on that line. Do it with the minimum required data..

    Once you're approve you'll get the choice to print both the approval (a worthless piece of paper) AND you're receipt of reporting with your next 90 day report date on it <- the one you keep in your passport. One other good feature is ALL the successful 90 day reports you do online are available for you to see, reprint if you lose the paper etc.

    What I did find out in talking to the people out at Chaengwattana was.. It's NOT so much when you came into the country, as I've had people with entry dates as early as 2007 get approved. It's WHERE you entered the country. The land borders were not tied into the immigration system like the international airports were until 2013.

    The officer told my it wasn't my entry that was too early, it was my arrival/departure card wasn't in the system because my last entry into thailand was from a land border in 2009. He said to exit/re-enter. I thought that was totally stupid but it got me thinking. What if it's only the arrival departure card that isn't in the system that's stopping me from being able to use the online reporting?

    To test this theory out; I am going to stop by my local police station getting a police report saying I lost my departure card (needed to get a free replacement out at Chaengwattana). When they give you new departure card they also enter that data into the system.

    Maybe it's as simple as swapping out your old departure card with a new one to get your into the system.. Who knows, but I'm gonna try it and weigh back in whether I can use the online system when my next 90 days comes up.
    Well the bugs:
    Certificate not valid...valid one would cost 5USD
    you need to figure out to scroll the the text down and checkmark the box to go forward.
    When you use any other browser than IE, it won't work. (so also on no other OS than Microsoft)
    I filled out my country, by typing into the field which results in a just white page when you click next (so you won't figure out why).
    When it is finish it doesn't give you an email.
    From the point of technology this is as poor as it can be.....
    But after the problems are known it is great....I read somewhere else from strange things when reporting in person....want the "house book" and some confirmation that you really live there.... the computer don't has odd requests....

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    Re: 90 day reporting per internet

    I live in Samut Prakarn and have my 90-day report coming up at the end of September. I see this thread is from 2015 but wondered if anyone had done the 90 day report online recently?
    I tried to contact the Paknam immigration but the phone number on the website doesn't work and there's been no reply to my message.
    Thanks for any advice

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