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    Gor Gai

    I saw the following language program being advertised on called "Unforgettable Thai". They promise a method of learning thai by associating the sound with a mental picture. They promise a hundred per cent success rate.

    Take their example and see if their course is worth the money:

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Our Linkword Way

    The Thai for
    GA [gah]

    Associate the sound of the
    Thai word to an image that
    reminds you of its meaning.

    Imagine a baby CHICKEN goes GAh, gah.
    I always thought chicken was "gai". They should have said something like "imagine a guy eating a chicken".

    Maybe this works for other languages but I don't think it would work for Thai.

    What methods do you use for learning Thai words?

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    I took a look at their web site and I agree that they are almost wasting your time by making you learn wrong words (and wrong tones). But the idea is good.

    I really think this one is funny though:

    "Imagine a very large elephant engaged in a romantic interlude with an over-sexed mouse. The mouse is saying ``Again, again, again.'' Which in mouse talk is ``eek, eek, eek.'' Visualise that for a full ten seconds."

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