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Thai Immigration Rank Insignia / 'Civilian' Rank Insignia
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    so happy! Thai Immigration Rank Insignia / 'Civilian' Rank Insignia


    I believe I have established that the 'Immigration Bureau / Department' is subordinate to the Royal Thai Police.

    I checked the rank insignia of the Royal Thai Police, and discovered that Immigration officers have insignia differing
    from those of the Police.

    I have not been able to find any charts or sites illustrating the rank insignia in question.

    We all know that Thai civil servants, such as teachers, administration officials, wear uniforms with rank insignia, too.

    Does anyone know where to find illustrations & descriptions of those?

    Wikipedia is no help!

    Thanks for your info!

    Kind regards,

    MB aka 'Mike the Fritz'

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    Re: Thai Immigration Rank Insignia / 'Civilian' Rank Insignia

    Thai Immigrations is a separate division of Royal Thai Police (NOT subordinate to them), BUT their insignia's are totally different and quite tough to understand.

    That's because there are ยศ - rank and ตำแหน่ง - position. Look at any officer. You'll most likely see stripes on their epaulets. They start at one thin stripe, then they get one fat one, then one fat one and a thin one, two fat ones, and so on up to 4 fat stripes.

    I know for a fact that three fat stripes is a ร.ต.อ. (ร้อยตำรวจเอก) or a Police Captain.

    They also have other insignia's (like metallic thingys) which look like crossed sabres and one more which I don't know what it is..

    You're unlikely to ever meet someone over 4 stripes at Chaengwattana as the people with higher ranks sure ain't downstairs! Every once in a while someone with a few stars on will fly thru checking on stuff but that's about it.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.. I tried to figure it out, goin' so far as taking pictures of their name tags on their desks, but it was just too convoluted for me. Now I just call them stripers, like a 1.5, 2 or 3 striper.. BTW the stripes on their epaulets are called ขีด's.

    Good luck..

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