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    Peter BKK Guest
    Nattawud, The main purpose of your website seems to be - that you try to sell *overpriced* books. Most of your book offers can be bought much cheaper in any Thai bookstore. Stop to bug people. Find other honest ways to make money. ((( A very disappointed friend an customer

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    Hi Peter, I am not connected to Nattawud or his store in any way but you're being very harsh and it doesn't seem particulary fair to me.

    Do you know all the prices shown on his website include the worldwide airmail delivery cost, which is obviously going to put the prices up. Transporting heavy books in the post from Thailand to USA/UK/Australia or wherever generally costs an arm and a leg. Even so they seem reasonable enough prices to me. I've bought a lot of Thai books in Thailand, for example Thai Ways by Denis Segaller - when I bought this at AsiaBooks in Bangkok last year it was US$9, Nattawud's price including delivery to UK (where I am) would be $14. Compare this to whose price is £12.95 ($20) not including another £3 ($5) delivery charge and it doesn't seem too bad a deal to me.

    As the prices include the airmail cost, I don't think the site is currently intended to be used by people who are in Thailand as the prices are obviously more expensive than they would get in the shops. However, I think he mentioned a little while back that they'll shortly be doing free delivery to Thailand at shop prices.

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    I agree whole heartedly with Mike.

    Peter BKK I believe that while Nattawud does sell books on this site it is his site after all I agree with Mike that the cost at which he sells his books is more than reasonable considering the amount of work he must do to pach and ship the books he sells all over the world - and a lot of the books Nattawud sells we in America can not get any where else but via his web site. Peter I believe that you miss the point of this web site entirely the point is to teach those of us who are interested the Thai language. I for one begrudge Nattawud nothing for selling books at an extremely fair price on his web site.

    I take this opportunity to thank Nattawud, Suthee, Richard and everyone who puts in so much work helping us learn Thai via Nattawuds web site. Thank you all very much.

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    Michael USA Guest
    I have read the comment on "overpriced" books for sale on - yes Peter, you are right. Furthermore I just bought the book "Thai for lovers". Quote p. 158: ####### - ruu daak, clitoris - dtaet, fuckable - naa yet, slut - ii dook. Is this the language we have to learn? I don't think that this recommendation is very useful. Nattawud, do you do your country a favour with this learning book?

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    I don't get it.... Nattawud didn't write the book, or invent the words in it, and what you quoted is a small section of ONE book that he sells. And since when does the existence of profanity in ANY language show the language's country in a bad light?
    Anyway, the main point here is that whatever price is charged for the books in question (and the prices seem quite reasonable to me), doesn't change the fact that Nattawud's website is full of free information that he obviously puts a whole lot of work into. I think it's offensive that anyone would complain about the price of books or insinuate that the sole purpose of the site is to make money by overcharging for them.

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    I don't know, if you guys can calculate or not - but the books are overpriced. Need an example ?

    Nattawuds price for "Thai for lovers" = US$ 16,50 incl. registered airmail = ca. 720 Thai Baht (current exchange rate)

    Bookstore price for "Thai for lovers" = book 299 Thai Baht plus global airmail printed matter (320 gram incl. package) shipped to the UK = 166 Thai Baht plus International Registered Mail = 25 Thai Baht = all together only 490.- Thai Baht

    That makes a difference of 230 Thai Baht, not mentioning the 30 % Nattawud will get from the book wholesaler.

    Somebody tell me this is not overpriced.

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    I agree with Mike, Bill and roni...

    I have been studying Thai for over a year now.
    This site is full of information that I couln't find in my books, and also supplies a fun way to learn.

    I have bought some books in Thailand, in a cheaper price of course, but I can realy understand the prices over the net, which, like was mentioned: include the delivery costs.
    No body forces you to order, but if you are interested in learing Thai, and you are not anywhere near a Thai Book-Store, then you have it here!

    About "Thai for lovers" - I think it's a great book and I highly recommend it. It does include some "dirty" or "rude" words, but hey, every language has it. I had a great time learning from that book with my Thai boyfriend, having good laughs....
    I don't mean to use all of these words, but it was indeed a way to practice...

    Unfortunately, I didn't know "Thai for Lovers" and "Thai for beginners" are available with a set of tapes. I have only the books.
    Does anybody know...if it is possible to purchase only the tapes? is it available on CD as well?
    I will be happy to order the tapes from this site (if possible) and will be H-A-P-P-Y to pay the mentioned price on the site.

    it\'s my party and I\'ll cry if I want to.

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    smug1 Guest


    On the website from it says: "This e-commerce web site is run by students and teachers at Sriwittayapaknam School in Samut Prakan, Thailand. It is here as an educational project and has not been developed with the intention of making a profit."

    In an email from October, 9th Nattawud wrote to me: "Are you saying that anyone who tries to start up a business in Thailand should stop straight away because it is bad to make money? That is strange. I don't make a lot of money as I don't sell that many books."

    Now what is going on?

    Is a non-profit-website from a Thai school, or is it a website to sell books and make some money?


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    I think some of the comments made by some of the above (Peter, Michael, Alan and Smug1) don't get the whole picture. Let me tell you of my own personal experience with Nattawud.

    A while back I ordered some books on his thaihypermarket web site. These were some story books and tapes in Thai and English. I had never seen them in shops here. Straight away he wrote back to me saying that the price was too high for sending to someone in Thailand. He said that if I wanted I could cancel the order and he told me where it was possible to buy the books myself. He also said that if I still wanted to go ahead with the order he would give me extra books for free!

    Now, I think that shows everything in a different light. I had already agreed to pay the price quoted on the web site and Nattawud wasn't obliged to tell me any of this. He could have just taken the money and laughed all the way to the bank. But the point is, he didn't. He has integrity which I think a lot of people these days lack.

    I will continue to support Nattawud in any way I can. I would even send him a Christmas present if I knew his address. If you look at some of the other internet book shops like or do you feel like supporting them? No, of course not. They are 100% commercial sites. The web sites at his school provide us with a lot of FREE information about Thailand. They also offer quite a few products which are not easy for people to buy even if they do live in Thailand. No-one is obliged to buy anything if they don't want. They can just take all the free information and free resources and run without saying thank you.

    Oh yes. What about the weekly competition and lucky dips?? Where do you think the money for the prizes comes from?? It is obvious to me that the money that he is making he is putting back into the web site. I think maybe a few of the people posting above who are attacking Nattawud might be a little jealous of his success. Especially "smug1" who just seems to be jumping on the bandwagon.

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    Mick Guest
    I would just like to state the obvious - that is if you are not happy with the price buy from where you are happy. Like they say competition is great for the customer.
    I don't mind paying that little extra to help support a web site like this as I am learning so much at no cost to me.
    That's got to be worth something
    Keep up the good work

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