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News: So it's not only in Thailand!
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    So it's not only in Thailand!

    A brochure containing an etiquette guide for foreign visitors was published in Japan. It's believed to have been triggered by the disruptive behavior of Chinese tourists abroad.

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    Re: So it's not only in Thailand!

    Haha, this makes me laugh. Probably because i'm currently in China and have experienced this kind of thing first hand over the past 6 weeks. The Chinese are lovely people but they do have some habits the rest of the world aren't impressed by. Farting is one of them. They just don't care. I was sat next to a woman on the train and she just let rip for the entire journey. Didn't even try to cover it with a cough. Honestly, it was like sitting next to Donald Duck with the noises. They rarely put their hands over their mouths and cough or sneeze in your face too. Then there's the spitting. Littering. Pushing and shoving. The list goes on.

    Like i said though, lovely people. Very welcoming and friendly toward foreigners in their country. They have treated me like a superstar. Some are aware they have a bad reputation abroad, especially in Thailand. But after seeing drunk westerners making utter fools of themselves abroad, i guess all nationalities have a stigma to them, they just aren't always aware of it.

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