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    Tied in a knot: the Thai wives who go abroad

    Tied in a knot: the Thai wives who go abroad

    5 Mar 2017 at 08:00

    After 12 years in a bad marriage, Mali, a 33-year-old woman from Kham Ta Kla in Sakon Nakhon, made a bold move that many women from her village would never dream of doing. Getting a divorce bears a heavy stigma in a culture where special emphasis is placed on remaining a virgin before marriage. It's hard to find Thai men interested in dating female divorcees.


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    Re: Tied in a knot: the Thai wives who go abroad

    An old version of this all too real story is an attractive woman answering an advertisement for hotel maids in Europe. You know the rest of that story.

    If any woman were to ask my thoughts on divorcing her husband I would tell her she first needs to be prepared to make it on her own, and be content with her life without a man in it. She also needs to accept the fact that she may live the remainder of her life single. This applies only if she is discriminating. If she is not, then she will find many men interested in her.

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    Re: Tied in a knot: the Thai wives who go abroad

    Along with giving them knowledge on how to go about living abroad, I also plan to educate and encourage the families of those who are living abroad to lower their expectations. Just because they are living abroad doesn't mean they are rich...and they will have money...If the parents and family can lower their expectations, and allow their daughters to live their lives, the marriage will be more sustainable..."
    I find it significant that the new approach includes reorienting the family of the bride in Thailand. In reality, it's usually the family of the woman that exerts the pressure on her to cough up money. And her inability to do that could create enormous tension on the marriage.

    Off the top of my head, here are other random thoughts on what a Thai woman should prepare for when she marries a foreigner and moves to his country:
    1) Be familiar with the culture and climate (especially in cold regions), and be ready to adapt to it

    2) Endeavor to learn the language of that country. Not understanding what is spoken around you can increase the feeling of alienation and loneliness.

    3) Acquire marketable skills. That will not only increase your self-worth but also your financial capability.

    4) Cultivate a spirit of self-reliance. #2 and #3 could hasten the process. Your growth and happiness should not be solely dependent on your husband.
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