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    Re: Insurance to be compulsory for travellers to Thailand

    Airlines will not fly you without a ticket,we all remember to buy one of those befor our holiday. Possibly a refusal to board by airlines if one cannot produce a valid travel insurance document on checkinn, the airline will not lose out as there ticket will have been paid for,it will be the customer for failing there responsabilities. Lets face it most folks go away to explore,eat good foods and a few drinks, the costs of paying for these pleasures for a few weeks should not come befor the cost of insurance,peace of mind and security for oneself and family, in my eyes its a small price to pay but imperative it is done. I wonder what those travellers before who have come unstuck with no cover would say now in hindsight to there predicament at that time.

    Safe travels.


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    Re: Insurance to be compulsory for travellers to Thailand

    On the other hand, how many travellers have made many, many trips while insured but never had to make a claim? Some prefer to "self insure" by putting money aside for such emergencies. Insurance has always been and should remain - OPTIONAL. Insurance these days is very lucrative simply because the amounts taken in through premiums is heaps more than is paid out in claims. Insurance companies are quick to take your money but often fight tooth and nail, using any loophole to avoid paying claims - anyone who has had to make a claim will realise this.

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    Re: Insurance to be compulsory for travellers to Thailand

    Quote Originally Posted by kfchugo View Post
    The key word in JWNY's post is "encouraged". I dont know of any other country in the world where travel insurance is an entry requirement. I doubt if this "proposal" will get off the ground - certainly if clear heads and a desire to encourage tourism have any sway.
    According to the blog Mapping Megan, France requires non-working European expats under retirement age to meet “rigorous standards of cover, and proof of private health insurance is part of the visa application for long stays.”

    In addition, Abu Dhabi will deny entry to expats or foreign nationals that do not have valid health insurance, and proof of coverage is required for a visa. If you are going on an organized trip, check with your tour operator to find out if this required travel insurance is included in the cost.

    Another country that may ask for proof of travel medical insurance is Russia, as reported by

    A simple Google search would have shown how wrong your statement was.

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    Re: Insurance to be compulsory for travellers to Thailand


    If an American. Soon the only time you will be able to afford health insurance is when you travel.

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