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    Thai news stories always cause more questions than answer any


    Here is a recent news article in the Bangkok Post.

    Seems straight forward nothing out of the ordinary.

    except after reading so many questions.

    Like how did a 26 year old acquire 400 million baht. How could he register 4 Lamborghinis in his name. and 3 luxury properties. working as a computer programmer.

    and with out legal status.

    When I bought and registered my motorcycle. Needed so much paperwork and proof of residency and proper visa.

    And then with all this money he hangs himself instead of fighting. With that much money he could have delayed or even stopped the extradition.

    when story first broke made sense somewhat fugitive caught hanged self so not to go back.

    but with follow up so many more questions now. In my mind.

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    Re: Thai news stories always cause more questions than answer any

    With enough money you can do anything here. Anything. If you can have someone shot for 5K, imagine what you can do with enormous wealth.

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