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Meeting women in Thailand, etiquette questions
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    Meeting women in Thailand, etiquette questions

    Hello everyone. I have been to Thailand several times and have enjoyed many aspects of the culture.

    Having come off of a relationship back home in the U.S., I became a member of a Thai dating site and have been in contact with several women that I would like to meet on my next trip.

    A few live in Bangkok and one lives a little further out (Sa Kaeo she said).

    One works at a gift shop near Thon Buri area, the other in a Japanese restaurant as a server, and the other owns a restaurant with her family.

    I was wondering what kind of etiquette or protocol I should follow. I am older than these ladies (all in their late 20's to early 30's and I am in my 40's), and I have never been much of a dresser.

    What would you suggest a good meeting spot for a quick introduction and meet? How would you dress for such an occasion? Any tips and ideas on what to talk about, etc., would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Meeting women in Thailand, etiquette questions

    I might suggest you ask them a good spot for good meeting spot. Or, you might consider one of the many shopping malls - plenty of coffee shops and eateries.

    Dress casual, but nice - no shorts.

    If planning on meeting multiple ladies, you may want to come up with a scenario that allow you to excuse yourself. They may wonder why you can hang out more with them your whole visit. Maybe mention trips to other provinces or neighboring countries.

    Do not rush into things.
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    Re: Meeting women in Thailand, etiquette questions

    I would imagine this may go without saying but as Curt above mentioned, no shorts. A shirt with buttons and shoes, no open toes. And I second the mall suggestion. Nice and safe.
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    Re: Meeting women in Thailand, etiquette questions

    I'm in two minds about this strategy - lining up multiple women to meet on one visit.

    I'm in two minds because on one hand I can argue it is not much different from going to the local pub three nights in a row and talking to different women each time until you find one you click with.

    My other mind on the matter says that it is different in at least two aspects - if deliberate deception is required (Which one of the other responses clearly assumed.) to implement the strategy AND in the likely reality that the women you are meeting have already indicated by being on website, that they are looking for a HUSBAND, not a BF or a casual hookup. Which is clearly NOT the case when everyone is on the prowl at the local pub. The social contract that "looking for a husband" implies - is ethically different from what's going on at the local pub.

    The potential deception is deeper than you might at first think.
    If the woman is a romantic and looking for her romantic guy.
    And if you are a pragmatic guy happy to do the hunt 'efficiently' and economically by spending one ticket to meet multiple women (Which is fine in my book.) BUT you don't present that truth TO HER.
    So right from the start, she will see you as a kind of guy you are not.
    Seems like setting the relationship up on dodgy foundations from the start.
    And our cross cultural relationships will have enough challenges to their long term resilience without crap foundations.

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