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My Thai Wife is looking for Thai to English Translator - for Partner Visa documents.
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    My Thai Wife is looking for Thai to English Translator - for Partner Visa documents.

    Hi All,
    could not find a recent thread on this issue so posting here in 'off topic' so as not to mess up any other forum.

    Rasa and I got married in Thailand in January 2018.
    Rasa just visited me in Australia for ten days on a one visit tourist Visa.

    We were undecided about the next step, me to move to Thailand or her to move to Australia - our ultimate will be back to Thailand either way but the interim, until I retire, had lots of options/issues/ fors and againsts in each scenario.
    Anyway ....

    We've decided to apply for the Partner Visa 309/100 and for us both to live and worth in Aus for at least the next five or six years.

    The partner visa application process will require some documents to be translated and certified into English, possibly including Rasa's statement about our relationship and any statements she gets from family and friends also.

    In getting our marriage preparation documents translated and certified we discovered the patchy standard of translation that is available from English into Thai and had to get some documents re-translated before succesfully being lodged with the Thai authorities.


    Do we have any genuine knowledge here about professional Thai to English translators working in Bkk who my Wife might be able to rely on in the next couple of months as we get the application all squared away?

    Mikel Azure.

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    Re: My Thai Wife is looking for Thai to English Translator - for Partner Visa documen

    Hi Mikel. You may have already seen this, but it is a must read before your selection.
    I have had an english to thai translation on our marriage certificate for the thai ministry of foreign affairs, and it was rejected because of an error on one word. My occupation, which was operator.
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    Re: My Thai Wife is looking for Thai to English Translator - for Partner Visa documen

    There's a good translation place on Theperak road (nearest BTS is Samrong) called JT - their website is http://jtt.igetwebcom
    Phone number is 085 066 7406.
    I'm from the UK and married my Thai wife in 2007. I used a translator near the old British embassy to translate my Thai marriage certificate into English. Fast-forward to 2015 and I got a job in China, so needed to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok to certify the translation.
    It was rejected for a number of incorrectly translated word and was posted back to me. The MFA employee did mark which corrections needed to be made. So I started searching around and found JT (I live nearby, in Samut Prakarn). They were able to make the corrections and then post it back to the MFA so I'd recommend them.

    Edit: I forgot to add, when the original translation was rejected, I contacted the translator in Bangkok and they said they would charge me for making the corrections, even though they had made the mistakes! So I was quite happy to find someone locally.

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