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    Ya Ya Ying shifts from sexy pop to country bop

    Student Weekly, By Suwitcha Chaiyong

    Did You Know : When Ya Ya Ying was very young, her mother played Indian songs to help her go sleep.

    With her catchy beats, sexy dance moves and Indian-tinged sound, Ratha Phongam (Ya Ya Ying) has built a successful career for herself in the world of pop music. But with her latest two albums ó Wan Wann 1 and Wan Wann 2 ó Ya Ya Ying has moved away from trendy pop and has found her voice covering Thai country, or luk thung, tunes.

    Shifting musical styles so dramatically at the peak of her career was a risky move. But at 21 years of age, Ya Ya Ying displays a maturity rare in one so young ó and lately sheís needed it.

    In addition to her big career shift, Ya Ya Ying has had her hands full taking care of family problems ó her mother lost 10 million baht in a pyramid scheme ó and dealing with wild rumours about an alleged relationship with her Fak Din Glin Dow co-star Sarawut Mardthong.

    Through it all, Ya Ya Ying has kept a positive attitude towards both her life and work. Ready to put her problems behind her and embark on a 10-province concert tour of the Northeast, Ya Ya Ying recently stopped by Student Weekly to fill us in on the details.

    Student Weekly: Why did you decide to release your luk thung albums? Did it have anything to do with your motherís debt?

    Ya Ya Ying: Actually, a producer talked to me about this luk thung project a year ago. Many other artists were called for auditions as well. By chance, I also got a role as a luk thung singer in the drama Fak Din Glin Dow. After the drama ended, a music team approached me about this album. Releasing an album is a source of income, but it wasnít my main reason for doing it. I was excited to learn and try new things.

    Student Weekly: The songs on your albums are remakes of old luk thung hits. Are you worried about people criticising you or comparing you with legendary singers of the past?

    Ya Ya Ying: Iíve realised that I canít avoid criticism. What I did was to do my best in my own style. In fact, my album is a blend between pop and luk thung music. So, even though I may not sing like a luk thung professional, I added a lot of choreography in hip-hop, jazz and contemporary dance to help make these albums a link between the past and present.

    Student Weekly: Are you worried about how your fans feel about your change to luk thung?

    Ya Ya Ying: When a fan questioned me about why I shifted into luk thung music, I told her to wait and listen to the albums first. After seeing some music videos, she said she liked the music because it still had my style. I also heard one of my country songs while I was walking around Siam Square. It was cool ó a country song was playing at Siam Square.

    Student Weekly: So how would you rate yourself as luk thung singer?

    Ya Ya Ying: We should ask listeners instead. But if you ask me to score my performance, I always put 100 percent into my work.

    Student Weekly: Now that youíve made changes in your music career, have you thought of making changes in your acting career? Perhaps taking on a bad girl role?

    Ya Ya Ying: I want to try new characters, but not a bad girl. Being a bad girl would probably have a negative effect on my singing career. I wouldnít mind playing an irritable person or maybe even an action or comedy role.

    Student Weekly: In the past few months, there were many rumours about you. How have you handled it?

    Ya Ya Ying: I live my life in the spotlight, so people can see me easily. I used to search webboards and found people who liked me and people who hated me. I know that I canít make everyone love me. If I care about every comment, I canít stay in show business.

    Click for full album list

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Did You Know : When Ya Ya Ying was very young, her mother played Indian songs to help her go sleep
    That's explain a lot about some of her style/music video/music

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    i have listen to ya ya ying songs, and i really think that she she is really talented. i really wanted to see fak din grin dow, but by the time i went to thailand- it finished, dam
    anyway i hope that she will stay longer within the music industry.

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