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Doing business
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Thread: Doing business

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    I am English and I work here in Thailand as an Export Manager.
    I have been doing this rewarding plus often frustrating job for a few years now.
    When I say frustrating I mean why is it that Thailand in general wants to do big business with the rest of the world but places so many restrictions on us the honest and legal farang?
    Last year our company sent over $1,000,000 of Thai made goods to many parts of the world and we are still regarded as people who do not understand. The whole point of international business is that most countries think alike and do business in a similar way.
    Another example would be the banking system but this would take years to explain to Thai people the frustrations we have in this sector.

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    That's why we are called "guests" and not "native" ..... from the day that Thai are born until they die they live a different kind of life as we do. And WE are the one's who do not understand the Thai. Just Like I am the one to speak wrong Englisch

    Chang Noi.

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