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    I shipped a package to Pattaya (a gift of jewelry) via Fedex. It was supposed to take three days. It got stuck in Bangkok due to a "Regulatory clearance delay." When I called Fedex they told me that the problem was that I hadn't been specific enough on the description of the contents. Instead of "jewelry" they needed to know exactly what kind of jewelry. O.K. so I figure chalk it up to inexperience on my part. It finally cleared a few days later but then the recepient e-mailed me saying that they are telling her that there will be a "receiving fee" of 4000 baht! I called Fedex and they confirmed this. The jewelry cost me $170.00 and the Fedex cost was $58.00. Now the fee is about $100.00. Am I wrong to think that this kind of thing is a disincentive to send things to people in Thailand?
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    Yes, a friend of ours just received an expensive christmas present from his parents. He had to pay 4000 baht tax on the parcel which contained clothes, a christmas cake and some DVDs. It would have been far cheaper to have bought it here. His parents used Fedex too. A tip to the people sending. Don't write the full price because they will work out tax on that. I believe the DVDs cost 30% tax on what was declared. Maybe just write CD in customs declaration.

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