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We need lots of blood to help people in thailand
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    Dear all foreigners,

    If you read this message or have any friend in Thailand, would you please ask them for blood donation? As you know the situation now in Thailand after Tsunami disaster, we need lots of blood to help people suffering from this disaster, especially type Rh + or Rh - which most founded in Westerners.

    If you of your friends want to help us, please contact to
    The Thai Red Cross Nation Blood Center
    871 Henry Dunant Road, Patumwan, Bangkok

    Thank you in advance for your kindly help,

    you can go to this link to know more detail

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    I just did this the other day and thought I'd give more details if anyone else is interested. They are especially desperate for people with Rh negative blood at the moment. Apparently there's less than 1% of Asians with Rh negative blood and about 15% of the white population with it, so that's why they're particulary interested in westerners donating now. If you don't know what Rh or what blood group you are (I didn't) then they'll test first and tell you. They assured me that all needles used are disposable.

    The Red Cross center on Henry Dunant Road is very close to Chulalongkorn University and next to Siam Square, it's perhaps a 15 minute walk or 2 minute motorcycle journey from the Novotel Hotel. Their general rules are:
    - No alcohol for 24 hours beforehand.
    - Plenty of sleep the night before
    - Eat a non-fatty meal first.
    - Plan to take it easy for a few hours after donating as you might feel a bit faint/weak for a while.

    Obviously they won't accept anyone with any kind of disease that would put the recipent at risk. I think it's open from 8.30am till about 7.30pm. It's no problem if you can't speak Thai as they can all speak English. When I went there were are a lot of people there so be prepared for a 1 - 2 hour wait. That's not so bad though, as it's close to Siam Square, Silom and Lumphini so once you've got your place in the queue you could always go to one of them for a couple of hours and then return.

    And if anyone needs them, some relevant words in Thai are:
    สภากาชาดไทย (sa-paa-gaa-chaat tai) - Thai Red Cross
    บริจาคเลือด (bo-ri-jaak leuat) - Give blood
    กรุ๊บเลือด (groop leuat) - Blood group

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