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Training in thailand
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    A friend of mine just returned from 4 months muay thai training in Thailand. Below you can read his story.

    hello all,
    just got to israel from bangkok. i am sad,confused and feel bad for not staying another month. training was unbeliveble, i trained in the US,holland and france before but thailand was a different story all together for me. i improved so much there.

    the first 2 month i stayed in bangkok,which was my first mistake i did as it was way too long to spend there.i trained at shaton gym which at the time,was ran by shuki ruzinzvig, an israeli that has been living in thailand for 5 years and fought 50 times there. damion trainor also trained at the gym which added alot. the gym had about 6 students and 2 trainers which were greedy as helll, always asking for money. i fought twice while in bangkok, once in the pat pong against a very experinced but out of shape thai, i won by ko in the 3erd. the socnd fight took place at the worlds for amutres, which happend 8 days after my fight with the thai.i had an excellent fight with the fourm member the haayena, to whom i lost a close fight.

    after my last fight there, i just had to get out of bangkok,so i just packed my stuff, and randomly choosed pie as my next destination.

    i trained about 10 day in pie, which is a small villege near chang mai. there is a ring in the middle of a rice feild and an old trainer that just relaxes in his hammock all day long. i came when ever i wanted, payed him a 150 bhat and trained with him for as long as i could. he wasnt the best pad holder but i did learn alot in the clinch from him . after 10 days in pie i went to chang mai.

    i knew i didnt want to train at lanna, but didnt know what other options i had in chang mai, so i just started asking around until i found the best gym i trained at the whole trip. i was the first or second foriner to train at that gym. the gym itself is pretty far from the center, around 15 min drive, the trainer, lek, would pick me up everyday with his bike. training there was simply amazing. about 8 fighters,2 of them fight in lumpini and rachgdamnan all the time. 3 top notch trainers. very nice people overall. i got so much attention during training that it made me feel, like pretty much everywhere in thailand, would start with a jog of about 30 minutes, after that i would hit the pads for 7 rounds of 4 minutes.hit the bags, shadow boxing, and at the end of each seassion they would line up like 4 thais to clinch with me for 30 minutes each time. clinching was my weak point, and i would get tossed around by kids that weight 20 pounds less than i. oviously, it was very frastrating.

    after 1 month of training with them, i improved 500% and was in the best shape of my life. i fought in kaqila stduim against a fighter from lanna whom i KOed in the first minutes of round one with leg kicks. the fight was a mismatch though, i was much better than the guy.i hurt my foot after that fight and was also burned out a little, so i took a month off and travled to laos.

    after getting fat as helll in laos for 1 month , i went to ubon, a city on the border of laos. this city has the best muay thai in thailand together with bangkok. the gyms there were unreal and the thais in ubon are genreally bigger. i trained at KRS, ole laursons ex gym. alot of japanese fighters there, all on a pretty high level. training there was better than chang mai sparring wise, as i had many people my size to sparr with, but i didnt get nearly as much attention as i did in chang mai from the trainers, i also got less time on the pads with the trainers. the trainers were top notch though.

    training was going great and i lost the weight that i gained in laos, the only problem is that there is nothing, NOTHING to do in ubon, i thought i am losing my mind there, so instad of staying there a whole month, i left after 2 and half weeks.

    i went back to bangkok, and decided that i am too tired and burned out to keep going, so i flew back home...just got here a few hours ago. i am not sure weather i did the right thing or not. either way, it was a great experince. i will be back again for sure in a few month.

    before thailand i only knew how to box and low kick, now i also know how to middle kick much better, clinch has improved god knows how many % and i can finally block some kicks as well...

    my advise to anyone who is going training in thailand, is not to be affraid to explore, dont get stuck in one gym for too long, each gym has something different to offer.

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    hey whatsup israel,,funny thing i found your post here,,must be spending to much time online.

    you know,,about your coment on theres nothing to do in ubon,,maybe you should have gotten yourself some sort of transportation coz for sure nothing goes on when your walking everywhere

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