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Questions about living in mae hong son
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    I'm U.S.-born and raised. Recently, the possiblity of relocating to the province of Mae Hong Son has come up, and try as I might I can find no practical information about living here. Everything seems to center on the larger cities/areas. I need a little help finding some things out. Any resources anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    On to the questions:

    -Is there a University in the area where one might take classes in English (specifically computer-related classes such as networking or programming)?
    -Is it possible to get internet access (like adsl or satellite) in ones residence in Mae Hong Son, or is it too rural?
    -What kind of reception can I expect as an African-American woman? What about as an African-American lesbian with a Caucasian partner?
    -TV? Local only, or is there a Thai equivalent to Directv or something like that?
    -How far away is the nearest "happening, largish city" by public transportation? Is public transportation reliable?
    -Is it conceivable to work in the province of Mae Hong Son but live in Chiang Mai?

    I'm really trying to gather as much information as possible to find out if this move would be something I can honestly do. As someone who's plugged-in almost continuously, the thought of moving somewhere where getting online might be a struggle is scary for me. I really would appreciate insight and thoughts from anyone who has spent time living and/or travelling in Mae Hong Son and can give me a realistic idea of what to expect.


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    First let me tell you that the Thai are broad-minded people. When you have a black skin the people look up to you, but when you will staying more long it will be no problem. They dont think bad about you. Even me as a caucasian farahn happen the same (i am from the Netherlands).
    But why you don't go on a holiday and stay a long time in Mae Hong Son.
    I never went there on holiday, so more info I can not give you. But in this forum are more people.
    And in the internet you can find a lot of info.

    Chock dee.

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    Mae Hong Son province is a beautiful place. I used to live there (but not in Mae Hong Son city - near a town called Khun Yuam about 2 and a half hours away) a few years ago.

    About your questions:

    There is a university in Mae Hong Son but im not sure what type of courses they do.
    You can definately get dial up internet, and probably ADSL/broadband as well.
    Skin colour should be no problem. You might get stared at if you venture outside the city but so do the white people. Its unusal to see many foreigners around the smaller towns and villages.
    You and your partner should also be fine, but just like hetrosexual couples dont be too touchy feely in public. I lived there for 9 months and I never saw a Thai man kiss a Thai woman (although i did see men kiss men and women kiss women, but just on the cheek.
    Nearest happening city is probably Pai. I didnt go there for that long but it seemed like a hippyish traveller hangout. Very chilled out. I think that was 3/4 hours by bus. Other than that Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is 9 hours by bus via Mae Sariang and 6 hours via Pai. The public transport is not totally reliable. There are roughly 6 buses a day - sometimes they dont show up or are very late (more than two hours). You just have to grin and bear it. The most annoying thing is when you get to the bus stop on time to find out the bus was early and left already. The buses are very slow and can get very hot and busy. They break down quite a lot as well.
    I would say its not possible to live in Chiang Mai and work in MAehongson unless you're going to fly to work each day.

    I hope some of that helps. If you have any more questions just ask and I'll try and answer them,

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