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National parks
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Thread: National parks

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    I'm visiting Thailand in for the month in July and I want very much to visit some of the National Parks, especially Khao Yai and Khao Sok. I studied Ecology and Conservation at University so I'd really like to see some of the wildlife in Thailand.

    The guide books I have seem to say its quite easy to visit the National Parks but my Thai friends in England think its not a good idea. Is it safe to stay in the National Parks in the rainy season in July? Are there any good companies who organise trips? Has anybody reading this been to the National Parks?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!




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    I believe many of the parks have access year round and you shouldn't have a problem. However, there are some down south that are impossible to reach during the monsoon season. There is a book on national parks of Thailand which I think you can buy at You will also be able to buy here in Thailand at all good book shops.

    Khao Yai shouldn't have a problem with access. Many of the guesthouses will be able to give you information about treks inside the park. Some of them even organize their own treks. Consult Lonely Planet for more information on this.

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