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Please help me do the report !
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    I must do the report ... if you have a time please give me your opinion about "How do you think about your teacher and your parent ?? " [I have to compare the foreigner's opinion with Thai's opinion.]

    Example : How to give the respect to your teacher ?? ,
    What will you do if the teacher said something that you think it was wrong in the class room ?? [Some of Thai students just do notting ... ]

    Last but not least,sorry if my grammar was wrong and thank you very much for your opinion.

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    About my teacher, when I used to be in School:

    " I used to think that teacher's can never do any wrong because... they are teachers!!. Sometimes when they will do wrong, it used to upset me because I could not beleieve it... Because I was told teachers are like a parent. Later, I realise not everyone is perfect. In my later school years, we should laugh or joke about teachers we found funny, but not in front of them. However, in my school time we always had students who would give no respect to teachers..."

    About parents,

    " I used to argue a lot with my mother but in a funny way. With my father, if we argue, I speak a lot, but I also spend a lot of thought so that I should not anyway make him feel small.If it reaches that point I will give up"
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    about teacher:

    I used to be very scared of the teacher, i don't really know why. But after primary 6, I realized that the teachers aren't really that scary. I started to joke and fool around with them more (but with respect). Anyway, about the teacher being wrong in the classroom, like trangam said; 'no-one is perfect, anyone can make a mistake'. And 'cho-cho', you are right about some thai students that just do nothing (actually it's not some, MOST of them are like that). it's because the way they have been raised. Anyway, that isn't me, if I see the teachers hsve made a mistake or do something wrong, i will then raise up my hand and tell them. I used to argue with teachers a lot about being wrong. It turns out that we're right!'
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