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Thai and adopted
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    Hi eveyone! This is my first post and I am very excited. I am 30 years of age and live in Australia where I have resided since I was 3 months old. My family is of German background (strangely enough so is my husband&#33 and still have very strong connections with family over there.

    I have returned to my birthplace only once and that was a few years ago. It was suppose to be a fun holiday but I had so many overwhelming feelings. It was such a different culture to the one I was brought up in, a huge culture shock. I am returning once again, this time with my husband and friends (last time I went with my best friend who had already travelled extensively through Thailand. She is non-Thai) and I will be welcoming the experience with an open mind.

    I have searched through my mind as to whether I want to look up my Thai family. I have my parents names on my birth certificate and I know how to contact the adoption agency that the process went through. I am not sure I feel any connection with them. I accept my adopted family 100% and although they are caucasion I don't see any difference between them and me.

    We have not had any children yet so maybe when the time comes this will provoke different feelings.

    I am really interested to hear from any others to are Thai and adopted to different countries. I am also studying Journalism as I have always been intrigued and interested by other peoples' life experiences.

    You are welcome to email me at:

    I look so forward to using this website and meeting new people.

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    I was adopted too. It is not easy when considering whether to try to contact one's biological family. I chose not to, but that was a personal choice. Thai people are very family-oriented, so it is strange that you were separated from your biological family. I would be a little concerned about the circumstances that led to your being put up for adoption. Feelings and emotions run deep, so please be careful not to put too much on the line.
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