I would like some advice. I have lived & worked in Thailand for 3 years. My fiance is Thai. I have just come back to the UK to study for my PGCE. My Fiance has just applied for a UK tourist visa for 6months..he has been declined!!
We thought we did everything the correct way, supplied evidence of his & my finances..they said we don't have enough..(how much is enough?! I provided evidence I had about £5K). They also said something about him not having sufficient ties to Thailand to make him return, his family live there, his boss even gave him a letter saying his would give him leave to come to the UK & that he could have his job back. The embassy also said something about property..we have none & won't until I return next July.
Anyway, I would love to hear frok anyone who has been through the nightmare that is a simple tourist visa..& any advice on how to obtain one!
Thanks in advance