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How does a thai get a uk visa
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    Hi, I am reduced to begging now. I see some of u good folks have looked at my cry for help, but no responses!! Is that bcos no-1 can help me?!
    Surely, someone has been through something similar.
    Let me give u the lowdown again..
    I have lived in LOS for 3 years, I have returned to the UK study for my PGCE..I got tired of earning bhat & we wanna have kids. My fiance is Thai..he has recently been declined tourist visa for the UK to stay with me for 6mnths. I was acting as his sponsor. We want to know about anyones experience with UK visas..any advice..basically wots the best way to get one!!

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    The Embassy must have given a reason to why the application wasn't accepted.

    You are only refused on the second non-pass, not on the first.

    The best bet would have been/will to apply for a 'fiancee' visa. One of these isnt that difficult to get but you gotta be able to prove something like:

    Permanent job and fixed income
    3-6 of continuous salary deposit in the bank
    Comfortable place to stay

    and thats about it.

    Surprised the Embassy didnt explain this to you. In isnt surprising. Go in and see them again. - Stories and Photos about Life in Thailand

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