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Looking for village in Pai
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    Looking for village in Pai

    Hi. Thank you for this great set of Web sites!

    I am looking for a village in the province of Pai. I have not been able to find it on any of my English maps, but that may be because of the spelling I have.

    Ban Nong Jet Nuey Ban Chan,
    Muang Pei Mae Hong Sorn

    Can anyone tell me where this village is and how I might get to it?

    I am leaving for Thailand tomorrow morning, so I hope to hear from someone today. Thanks!

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    Have you try this map?

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    The only absolutely accurate maps of Thailand that I have found are those prepared by the Royal Thai Survey Department. They are complete with elevation guides, longitude and latitude marks, graphics indicating dense forests, marshes, orchards, rice fields, dams, water falls, roads, lanes, bridges, temples, schools, airfields, railroads, power transmission lines, and so much more, e.g., even small squares indicating each home in small villages. And, of course, the name of each village is also listed, both in Thai and English.

    Each map covers about 16 square miles [25 square kilometers]. The maps are numbered; the one that you are interested in should be number 4747III. The maps are easily recognisable by the green and white color scheme, and you can buy them for about 100 baht each at DK Books in Chiang Mai, just south of Pratu TaPae (TaPae Gate).

    The cost for the complete series of maps covering the whole country would be very expensive indeed, but for a regional set of maps, there's nothing better. And there's nothing more reassuring than a good map.

    Good luck.

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