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    Hello, Just a quick email someone here might be able to help me out on. Is it possible for someone in Thailand to ring me and the number that shows up is a hong kong number. Thailand's country code is 66 but hong kongs is 852. I was thinking maybe if you called using an international call card that has a base in Hong Kong or something, but i cant imagine a call originating from Thailand having a hong kong number. Strange but maybe someone here has come across something similar??

    Thanks Folks

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    Well, when Thais call abroad they use many times a cheap Number they dial before the original Number. These cheap Numbers are run via Internet and then I am sure that a different Number may be shown in your display, depending where the Company that offers this Service is seated.

    I called my Friends in Thailand many times using a cheap Number and they always wondered where I am at the moment because every time there was shown a different Number.
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