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Translate sentence please
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    beachsloth Guest
    how do i write the following in thai:

    Jennifer you have chicken legs.


    ps. yes, I'm serious!

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    "Jennifer you have chicken legs."

    means literally "เจนนิเฟอร์คุณมีขาไก่".

    But she might not understand (if she is Thai) why you are saying she has chicken legs. If you want her to understand that you are saying she has "thin legs" then you should say....

    "เจนนิเฟอร์ คุณมีขาที่เรียวงาม"
    Jennifer khoon mee kha tee riaew ngam
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    ta_is Guest
    Does "riaew ngam" mean 'thin'?

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    da jim Guest
    เรียว (riaw) vi. adj. slender
    งาม (gnam) vi. adj. beautiful, graceful

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    ta_is Guest
    When the words "riaw ngam" (slender beautiful) is used together, is it meant to sound offensive? Or Does it mean, "beautiful slender legs" (ka ti riaw ngam).

    Just a bit confused.

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