A Little Thai in Little Washington” benefit planned

By Richard Lykes

Thanks to the generosity of concerned Rappahannock citizens who joined together to help “adopt” a Thai fishing village destroyed by the devastating tsunami of last December, some 121 villagers are rebuilding their village and putting their lives back together again.

With the help of donations from our area, most of the villagers no longer live in tents. Ban Pak Tream, the “adopted village” near Phuket, now has drinking water, fishing boats are being rebuilt, healthcare facilities are being replaced, and a new jitney taxi named “Rappahannock County” carries children to school.

Following up on their pledge to make a sustained commitment to fund the recovery of this small village, the Thailand Tsunami Relief Organization is sponsoring an afternoon of food, music and dance from Thailand for Sunday afternoon, October 23.

Appropriately titled “A Little Thai in Little Washington,” the afternoon benefit features a fabulous selection of delectable Thai food, music and crafts, the showing of a special documentary on the adopted fishing village, and an extraordinary performance by a traditional Thai Dance Company—all courtesy of the Embassy of Thailand in Washington, D.C.

The afternoon begins at 3:00 p.m. with food, music, and village-made crafts at the parish hall of Trinity Episcopal Church in Little Washington. Following the social event, guests will walk over to The Theatre in Washington for a viewing of a documentary film of the recovery efforts being made in the adopted village and for a special performance by a traditional Thai Dance Company provided by the Thai Embassy. Dessert and coffee will be served back at Trinity Parish House.

These laudable efforts—including the October 23 benefit—are sponsored by the Thailand Tsunami Relief Organization, a group inspired by Alaina and Marc Cugnon of Flint Hill who have lived in Thailand. TTRO is a 501 © (3) organization and $75.00 of the $100 donation is fully tax deductible. For additional information, please contact Alaina Love Cugnon at (540) 631-0174.


The generous contributions made this year by the United States and its citizens to Thailand’s tsunami relief have not gone unnoticed by the government of Thailand and its people. Recognizing the immediate needs of hurricane survivors in the Southeastern United States Gulf Coast states, Thailand has donated over 26 tons of food, six tons of blankets, and a team of health professionals and forensic experts to assist in the hurricane relief effort in the USA.