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Money in bangkok?
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    im going to bangkok in oct and was wondering about my money??? What is the best form of money in the big city:
    *atm cash out??
    *cheque cash??
    *or something else??

    ps do they have a commonwealth atm bank cos i only have a key card...

    thanks in advance...
    love lots emma

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    I would take my local ATM Card. If it has the Maestro Sign or so I think at almost every ATM Machines foreign ATM Cards are accepted.
    Further on I would take my Credit Card also: Visa or Mastercard are the most accepted. I always pay my Hotel Bill or Domestic Flights etc. with my Credit Card.
    Also with your Credit Card you can have money from any ATM Machine, only a little bit of charge.
    If you consider travelling many times to Thailand I would even recommend to open a Thai Bank Account. Many have done so before. No problem at all just show your Passport.
    Bangkok Bank Ltd. and Siam Commercial Bank are the most likely to do so.
    This way you can send from your Home Town Bank Account money to your Thai Bank Account before you arrive in Thailand. You then have a Thai ATM Card. No more worries that you have to much Cash with you and you might loose it or it might be stolen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]ps do they have a commonwealth atm bank cos i only have a key card
    There are no Commonwealth Bank ATM's in Thailand, so you will not save transaction fees on withdrawals. Commonwealth key cards all have the Maestro logo on them, so you can use this card at any ATM that has the Maestro logo on them. You will have to check up with the commonwealth bank for the exact fees they charge, but I will give you a typical example, I would advise you to withdraw larger amounts like A$100 = to 3150 Baht at a time as the A$3-A$5 fee on withdrawals for that amount will be the same as the A$3-A$5 free on A$20 = to 630 baht, so if you with draw $20 = to 630 baht, 5 times your fees will start adding up to A$15-A$25 . So paying fees is a waste of money, try and avoid them at all costs.
    The one big advantage of with drawing money from ATM's is the exchange rate is very good.
    Another alternative is to use travelers cheques
    At your age, most of your expenses like airfares accommodation and tourers would have already been paid for, so I think cash form the ATM will be sufficient for the little extra's like buying gifts.

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