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Taxi's in bangkok
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    I fully understand the thinking that goes behind charging westerners more than locals because of wage differences etc. However I don't want to be ripped off too much (I don't mind paying a premium and don't expect to pay Thai prices). There will be four in my group (my wife and two sons).
    Given that, How much should I be paying for a taxi
    from to
    Airport Viengtai Hotel
    Viengtai Hotel Grand Palace
    Grand Palace Central
    Viengtai Hotel Suan Lum Night Bazzar
    Thanks in advance.

    PS Does anyone else spend a fortnight planning a day in a new city?!

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    People have reported different experiences with meter taxis. But, generally, as long as they turn the meter on, they are far more reliable than say the tuk tuk.

    Giving a price on those trips is a bit difficult. I can only guestimate. Maybe someone else can offer an opinion.

    The meter starts at 35 baht and stays like that for the first 2 kms. After that it is about 5 baht per kilometre. The meter will also go up while standing still in traffic.

    From the airport, you have to pay a 50 baht surcharge first. Then tollways will be 30-70 baht depending on which direction you go. In total, the trip to your hotel would be about 350-500 baht.

    Your hotel is near the Grand Palace so I am going to guess it will cost you about 50 baht!

    I am not sure where "Central" is. Do you mean Siam Sqaure/MBK area? If so, I will guess the fare would be about 80-100 baht.

    To the night Bazzar I am not sure. Traffic will be bad at that time and you are going right across town. Can't you go from the Siam Square area as it is nearer? I did that trip the other week and it was only slightly more expensive than doing a combination of the sky train and Metro. I think it was about 60 baht from the Siam Square area.

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