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How do i take a public bus in bangkok?
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    Hi guys, I'm going to Bangkok for the first time, but on a really tight budget:( as I'm just a poor student on a shoestring budget.

    1) What is the cheapest lodging I can find in Bangkok? Can someone recommend?

    2) I intend to take the public bus as I think It'll be the cheapest way around BKK, but how does one take a bus in BKK - do I tell the bus attendant where I want to go, then give him the money, or is there some kind of box next to the driver where I deposit the money? How do I tell the driver that I want to alight? Do I press a bell or something? How does it work?

    3) Also, besides govt public buses, are there also private buses? How do I tell them apart? Also, which govt bus no. travels through the most popular routes of BKK?

    4) Will I have a hard time if I speak English to ask for directions or order food in BKK?

    5) I will arrive 15 Oct. Can someone be kind enough to show me around BKK? I'll return the favour when you come to Singapore...

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    Iím no expert here but Iíll mention what I do know since no one else has yet.

    Some of the cheapest lodging is in the ĎKhao Saní Road area. But, at times you canít find vacancies as itís so popular with young travelers. You may have to book ahead. A disadvantage of staying here is itís not on the skytrain or subway route, and not as much shopping as on Sukhumvit road.

    The bus is cheapest for sure. But itís tough to navigate the routes. I use a bus route map I bought at a bookstore. I saw three types for sale and got the ĎBangkok Walking Tours New Bus Mapí as is has inner and outer Bangkok maps on either side. Get on the bus, have a seat, and a person with a coin case will come to you for the money. Iíve found most bus attendants donít speak much English, so if you donít speak Thai your best bet is to probably pick a destination close enough to where youíre going which is said similarly in Thai and English like Siam Square (the shopping area) or Lumpini (the park) so they can let you know when youíve arrived. The map also has the Thai street names romanized so you can sound out the intersection you may want to alight at. I think the government buses operate out of the terminals for routes heading out of town, not sure.

    As for directions and food, it varies so widely depending on who youíre talking to, where youíre at, and the type of establishment. The quick answer I suppose would be that if you intend to get away from the other tourists at least some of the time, you will be communicatively challenged. But itís so fun!

    Donít forget to take the airport bus into town from the airport. Only 100 Baht, and itís bound to have a route close to where youíre going. The stand for it is just outside the international terminal down the little walk ramp and to the left on the sidewalk thereabout last I checked.

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