i'll be headin there this friday..this is my itineray.. (purpose of trip: SHOPPING&#33

1st nite: suan lum mkt
2nd day: pratunam mkt - baiyoke buffet - MBK/siam area
3rd day: chatuchak weekend mtk - settle lunch there - sampeng lane/ chinatown
4th morning: flight at 11.. perhaps rest in..

1. wat can i fill in for the 4th morning.. i'm staying at Arnoma hotel.. ?

2. was thinking of Bobae mkt/tower..would this be a place not to be miss for cheap stuff?? or Tawanna mkt?? but i dunno how to get to Tawanna mkt..i saw it on one of the tv shows

3. one of us is interested in massage.. any good recommendation near Arnoma hotel?

4. how to prevent pickpoket?? i saw someone wrote somehting about safety pin.. how do u pin it??

5. is june a raining season already?? muz bring umbrella rite?

plz help.. sorry for not postin it earlier..