I was there for the ist time in bangkok from the 23rd to the 26th of December 2004. I found it be a beautiful country, with lots of shopping malls, they are so huge. The thai people they are so nice and very helpful to all customers alike, they are not only nice to the foreigners, they are nice to there own people too. I find everything over there are nice and beautiful, but i find one small problem, most of them dont understand or speak english. I hope the govennment of thailand will do something about it soon. I did find some speak english but that was only very few. Any howi managed to overcome all those. I have planned to visit thailand frequently so as I am a businessman I like to find a friend there to helpme out with who could find me prices of the items I wish to buy from there. I could pay them a reasonable amount for the services they could render to me. They can be male or female, but they must be able to speak english, as they have to answer my emails from time to time.
The most important things I am looking to buy there are Reconditioned Mobile Phones & Mobile Assocceries, Computer spares and so on. my email : suffee@mediatrax.net
If any trustworthy person out the has spare time and like to make some money could contact me by email.