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Ampur maps
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Thread: Ampur maps

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    fanz Guest
    Where do I go on web to find individual map of each ampur which shows tambon lines and villages?

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    I am not aware of any maps on the internet that show much detail. And most bookstore maps are lacking a lot also...some are not even to scale.

    But, when you are in Thailand, by all means go to a good bookstore such as DK Books and pick up some good topographical maps of the places that interest you. They are green and white in color...pehaps something like 100 different ones--maybe more--cover the whole country. They're put out by the Royal Thai Survey Department in Bangkok.

    All temples and schools are shown, as are almost every soi, highway, railroad, rice field, bamboo or hardwood forest, brook, river, and swamp. Elevation is also indicated with isobars; longitude and latitude are also shown.

    And, although borders of villages and other municipalities are not indicated, in rural areas there are small squares to show the location of every house even!

    There maps are the greatest I've found. I think that anyone seriously interested in maps will appreciate the fine details.

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    Hello fanz and all another,

    here is a good Map from Thailand with much detail.

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