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Help with ps2/xbox/game cube
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    Hi Guys,

    Hope you'll be able to help with regard to the following matters: My family & I'll be holidaying in BKK during Xmas later this year. The kids are really anxious to getting one of the popular game consoles such as PS2/Xbox/Game Cube. But, we're a bit concerned about the following:
    1. Is the voltage of the consoles sold in Thai be compatible for use in Aust? We have 220v-240v..
    2. How much does each of these game consoles cost?
    3. Are these consoles "modded" to allow playing with other Region games? How much would modded consoles cost?
    4. Which console has a better selection/variety of games that I can buy?
    5. How much does each game cost for PS2/Xbox/Game Cube?

    Thanks very much for all your help..


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    To tell you the truth, the latest consoles (ie PS2 and xbox) are cheaper in Australia.
    The discs however may be cheaper in Thailand.

    The PS2 console for example is currently $245 in australia (approx 7350 baht) compared to anywhere between 9000 - 15000 baht in Thailand. Also keep in mind that the new PS2 (more than 50% smaller than the original PS2) is the one that is now selling in Australia.

    I would recommend buying an x-box console in Australia, mod chipping it, and then buying the games in Thailand (copied games are approx $5 - $10 Australian at Panthip Plaza in Bangkok)

    Keep in mind that these games are copies and will only work if your console is Mod-chipped (but well worth it considering the cost)

    hope this is of some help.

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    Gor Gai

    I used to be a videogame fan when I was in the US, so I keep a close eye on the game scene over here in Thailand. Much to my disappointment, videogames are not nearly as popular here as overseas. The GameCube and the Xbox are virtually unknown, even around Bangkok! When I was asking around, I only got blank stares and the ubiquitous "mai mee". Finally, after being here for more than six months, I have spotted one GameCube and a couple of Xbox systems. The GC had a single one game! (Super Mario Sunshine, if you want to know the details.) Wow, dazzling selection...

    You will have more chances with a PS2, though the ones I saw were the regular, "unmodded" versions. You might be able to have it modded somewhere though, if you are persistent... There is a poor selection of games - nothing new under the sun, really. The most decent one I've seen was Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty, which is old bone already, albeit still fun to play.

    If you get any of the systems from here, electricity won't be a problem: it is the standard 220 V, 50 cycles. I am not sure about the Australian video systems, but Thailand uses Pal encoding - one of the reasons why all my systems are collecting dust in America.

    The PS2 goes for about 10000 -12000 - about the same as it would in the US. I have no idea about the GC and the Xbox. Though you didn't ask, the Gameboy Advance SP is about 5000. It is really worth it; no compatibility issues, easier to carry it home (You will need to charter a freight ship just to carry an Xbox! ) and there is a wide selection of games, even over here! Finally, the GBA and the GC are mutually compatible.

    Please don't think that Thailand is technologically in the backwoods just because the videogame scene is poor. Over here, PC games are all the rage, especially MMORPGs and other online games: Ragnarok, MU Online, Counterstrike and the like.

    I think that the reason is the initial high cost of the consoles, then they have to have a separate TV so that the kids can play anytime - most Thai families cannot afford that. It is a lot cheaper to sit in a "game den" where kids can pay per hour they spend online, playing.

    Good luck, and let us know which one you chose!

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