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Elephants in Thailand
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    This information is current as of today, 3/18/2003 12:45 PM.

    January, 2003
    SAFETY AND SECURITY: There is currently a serious safety risk in Thailand, and all elephants are strongly advised to read this travel advisory before finalizing travel plans.

    Recent video footage from North East Thailand indicates that this region and many other parts of Thailand are extremely dangerous. Elephants were observed being roped and dragged into tiny wooden enclosures. Babies were separated from their mothers and acts of extreme torture were observed. Infants were beaten with wooden poles imbedded with nails. At one point an elephant is repeatedly stabbed in the head with a curved blade. All of the elephants were denied food, water and rest for days and remain captive to this day, forced to work against their will in camps throughout Thailand. It is known that several elephants have been seen tired and hungry, forced to beg for food and money, in the streets of Bangkok.

    Please visit this link for more information.

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    soxy Guest

    so happy!

    Don't be put off by well-meaning but melodramatic warnings of fates worse than death for tourists to Thailand.Go and see for yourself.
    The traveller's Thailand is smiles,a rich culture,great food and sanuk.
    The highest risk is the world-wide tourist risk of consuming
    contaminated food,water,and milk.The risk of violence to the prudent tourist is minimal.

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    I absolutely agree with soxy. The article does not reflect the tourist's Thailand at all. The amount of protection offered to tourist there is immense. Afterall, tourism is their country's top money spinner. They even have tourist police to aid the tourist. That "safety" article is a distorted view not truly fair the Thailand's image.

    That of course is just my opinion.

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    NKI Guest
    Stuff like that goes on in every country around the world - that's no reason to avoid a particular country. The real question is: how frequent is that kind of activity?

    From what I saw when I was there, and from what my Thai friends have told me, it is pretty rare. Thai people are the nicest people I have ever encountered.


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