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Is Thailand safe for American tourist?
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    question Is Thailand safe for American tourist?

    I love your website, it is very interesting! My question is - is it safe for American tourists to visit Thailand? Is it hard to get around knowing only English? Thank you.

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    Thailand is a peace loving country. We are tolerant of all religions and don't have problems like other countries. I don't think anyone will care whether you come from America or New Zealand. Have a good time!
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    I would say just go and don't worry about it!

    Getting around knowing only English is very easy on the main tourist routes, however it's a bit trickier if you head off to less visited area such as the North east.

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    I am also an American and have been here since last May. I work in southern Thailand surrounded by Muslims but I can honestly tell you that I feel safer here than in LA! You may recall that LAX was at one time a terrorist target and may still be! The only thing that bothers me is seeing a few 5 year olds walking around with Ben Loudin t-shirts.

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    My father is Thai and I just visited Thailand this past summer. I love Thailand and I feel home when I am there. It is a wonderful country to visit, and it is easy to get around and have a good time even if you don't know the language. I highly recommend Thailand to anyone! - แอรอน

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    Hello All. I was in Thailand for 2 weeks in October 2002, on my first trip. I had a wonderfull time. I travelled alone daytime and night and never felt worried for my safety. I was cautious but not any more than on any vacation. I met wonderfull people, men and women who travelled alone or with several others and all had 99% positve experiences. I could not speak any Thai before going but learned a few words and phrases with the help of a small translation book. Any Thai I met was happy that I was trying to learn Thai and they were all the more helpfull. I have already booked my flight and hotel for March 2003. Go, you will love it.

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    so happy!

    I laugh heartily when I read Skip's post about the Bin-Laden T-shirt. To me it's funny because the thought of Skip getting concerned when seeing the shirt seems pretty comical. I can understand why Skip can feel that way, but the reason why some Thais wore the T-shirt does not really mean they're a member or worshipping the figure on the shirt, but because they feel that it's somehow "fashionable" or "updated" on the latest "hot" issues (whether locally or globally). You can be sure that the T-shirt stores will change to some other interesting designs when the "events" or "people" becomes "cold".

    Basically Thai people are very friendly based on International standards. This is because Thailand is a buddhist country and Thai people have quite an 'ignorant' but 'stress free' attitude. You can notice this by the popular use of the phrase "mai penrai" (means "never mind") when things goes wrong. The hot weather and iritating issues such as congested traffics in Bangkok also makes Thai people more tolerant to every day stresses. I can assure you that Thais are not aggressive.

    Just come and enjoy yourselves!

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    thailand is a lovely & safe country.

    at the moment, just be aware of jewellery scam around bangkok. TAT had that warning displayed at bangkok airports counters. good to have a look.

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    My mother is from Thailand, she goes home every 2 years or so. I have never been there and I am yearning to go. What advice can you people give me about when I finally get a chance to visit the other half of myself.

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    I just finished a business trip to Bangkok and, yes, Bangkok is save! To all toerists I want to say, try to speak some Thai!

    Thai people are very hospitality.


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