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    Visiting a Thai Restaurant

    "Visiting a Thai restaurant by Richard"

    This is an excerpt from visiting a Thai restaurant. To read the rest visit enjoythaifood.

    "What happens next is that the waitress will put a couple of big spoonfuls of rice on your plate. You then help yourself to food from any of the dishes in any order. However, you should make a point of using the serving spoon from each dish. You should also only put a couple of spoonfuls on your plate at a time. Don’t fill your plate up as we do in the West. Just go back to help yourself to more."
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    I'm the one who use pork and spoon to eat noodle I think it's easy than use chopstick and one think in local restaurant; they use chopstick which made from wood that's mean when you use and wash it many time, I think it has some germ in that.

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    ...I think it has some germ in that.
    Actually, some exposure to germs is a good thing. It helps your body learn to identify them and build immunity. If you were never exposed to germs, the first exposure could well prove fatal. FFT
    Life is learning. If you stop learning, you might as well be dead.

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    If you were never exposed to germs, the first exposure could well prove fatal. FFT
    This is true, in the early 18 hundreds, the Isolated Tasmanian Aboriginal were exposed to white man's diseases for the first time, and the purer bread of that race soon became extinct from, not having any immunity to any germs.
    I say the more germs you get throughout life, the longer you will live.

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