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Remembering 26th December
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    Remembering 26th December

    I posted a similar question on the old forum but there didnt seem to be much interest. Just wondered if anyone has plans now the 1st anniversary is approaching?

    I will arrive back in Thailand on 26th December, too late to go back to Krabi Province where I was last year. I think I will just take some quiet time to reflect alone.

    Anyone any thoughts?

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    I am totally strapped for funds after sending alot more money a couple weeks ago, I may be there for the events on the second year anniversary (I am sure there will be commerative events even then) and hopefully keeping our April '06 plans in tact.

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    I have read that there are several commemoration events in the areas affected, even yesterday and today. yet, I'm disappointed to find that all the 7 Thai tv channels I have are airing comedies, game shows, ads, soap operas and muay Thai fights. haven't bumped into anything solemn yet, and there is definitely no mourning or remembering atmosphere. ok, it might still be there somewhere, I can't watch 7 channels all the time, or might be only tomorrow. but contrasting that to NatGeo and Discovery, who have had lots and lots of documentaries in the past week or so....

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    On the 26th December here in Berlin/Germany, there is a Ceremony held at the Thai Embassy with Thai Monks chanting and people remembering and paying respect.

    I will leave for Thailand at the 28th December and will stay for 1 year in the Land of Smile.

    Hopefully I will make it to Phuket too as I already didn`t went there for about 5 years.
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