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Tom Yum Kung Recipe
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    Tom Yum Kung Recipe


    1/2 kilogram of medium-size prawn

    1/2 kilogram of straw mushroom

    20 pieces of slice young galangal

    4 leaves of torn kaffir lime

    9 pieces of cut lemongrass (3 cm per one piece)

    5 grams of pound chili bird

    1/2 cup of roughly chopped coriander

    4 cup of chicken rib soup

    1 teaspoon of salt

    5 tablespoons of fish sauce

    5 tablespoons of lime juice


    1. Wash and clean prawns by remove its shell except shell at tail for beautification.

    2. Clean straw mushroom and cut it to 4 pieces of half up to its size.

    3. Boil chicken rib soup then put lemongrass, galangal and prawn. Wait until prawns are cooked about 4 minutes then put straw mushroom, kaffir lime leaves and fish sauce. Put it down from the stove.

    4. Seasoning with lemon juice and pound chili bird.

    5. Decorated with chopped coriander and serve with warm rice.

    This menu can adjust many ways as you want such as change prawn to another meat like chicken or seafood and mushroom straw can change to another kind of mushroom also.

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    I tried to cook Tom Yam soup on my own once. It was a total disaster. The soup was very thin and tastes more like salt water with lime juice.

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    I prefer to put the prawns in last with the high boiling flame then turn off right away then serve, topped with cilontro,kaffir lime leaves and chopped green onion.

    The prawns will taste sweeter, kaffir lime in last the aroma will be fresh. Yum Yum.

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    Chino, you got it right on the shrimps,,2 minutes of cooking is to long and 4 min and they wont be fit to eat,,They cook them way to long here too. But here they use fresh water shrimps and they do not have much flavor anyway.

    And incase that you didn't know,,coriander is celantro, except that celantro is spanish word for it.

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