Okay, firstly, I apologise if this might seem a waste of a thread but I thought if there was any place that I might get an answer then it would be here. On one of my trips to Pantip I bought an MP3 Trance CD with an album on it called Trance Mission 3.

I really liked it and realised that there must be a Trance Mission 1 and 2 somewhere. By chance I was at Victory Monument and inside the shopping centre was a used CD shop and they had Trance Mission 1 and 2 there but (at the time) I did not buy them.

I then went back there at a later date and only Trance Mission 2 was there and so I bought that and I have been desperately looking for Trance Mission 1. I cannot find it at Pantip or at the used CD store I mentioned. Has anyone seen it on their travels? Or does anyone have it and want to sell it?

Many thanks.