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? how to plan a week in northern Thailand
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    odelinded Guest

    ? how to plan a week in northern Thailand

    I hope this question is not too "general" or stupid.
    We are a 46-yr-old couple...NOT into trekking , white water rafting, etc., but able and willing for "hiking" , lots of walking and stuff like that.

    We plan to be in Thailand for about 17days in December/Jan.

    Can anyone give us ideas how to build an itenerary for northern (and north-eastern) thailand. Chang Mai seems to be an absolute necessity. But there is soooo much in the guide books, I don't know how to narrow it down!

    All tips will be really appreciated.

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    My wife and I will be staying in Chiang Mai for a week. We've decided that we'll try and see what we can according to weather and our whims.
    (We might even take a cooking class!)

    You're right! There really is too much information in the guidebooks to digest. I'm approaching it with a relaxed attitude to just take in what I can--otherwise, it's no longer a holiday.

    Good luck!!

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    odelinded Guest
    that is more or less my attitude too...I have started writing "post-it notes" when i see something I really think looks interesting and sticking them onto the pages of the guide book for easy finding later....

    when are yo uplanning to be in Chang Mai?

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    We'll be up north for the first week of November--just until after Loy Krathong

    Afterwards, we'll start touring south for the next two weeks.

    (I am getting so very anxious to leave!!)

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    Chiang Mai is really nice, but you should also take in Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle, from the Triangle you can take a boat across the river to Laos, don't need your passport, just as you get off the boat there is a police tent, you pay 20 baht and get a paper stamped by them making you ok, also you can take the small boat down river to the elephant camp and take a really nice ride through the village and down through the river for 150 baht. Takes about one hour or so.

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    odelinded Guest
    ok...after some research, etc....have decided to sign up with a 3-day trek that leaves chang-mai and takes in all the major far there is Thanni or Udi.trek companies...anyone hear about them?

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