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Death Penalty and other punishments
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    Death Penalty and other punishments

    Like I said... I would be making quite a few posts! Searched the forums already and could not find what I was looking for so,

    How does the Death Penalty work in Thailand? I found the following information and was wondering if it was correct.

    'According to the Thai Penal Code, any person sentenced to death shall be shot to death. However, they all have aright to submit apetition to His Majesty the King for individual royal pardon. In addition, there are also collective royal pardon on special or important national events. In case where collective pardon is granted, the death sentence shall reduce to life imprisonment. Thus, in practice, only a small number of executions have been carried out.
    All male inmates on condemned status are confined at Bangkwang Central Prison, the most maximum security prison in country. Femals are confined at Female Central Prison in Bangkok. There are at present 55 condemned inmates, all male, waiting for the Royal Pardon.'

    Also is there anything similar to ASBO's or community service in Thailand? ASBO's are anti social behaviour orders. Basically they are given to people who disturb the peace in communitys and what not by being verbally abusive, playing loud music etc etc.

    Thanks for the help

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    I did a search using the term "death penalty" on the forums and found this link that answers your question:

    Methods of Execution:

    Prior to 1934: Beheading

    Beheading was the only method of execution in Thailand prior to 1934. Under such method, a prisoner's head is severed from the body with a sword. According to this method, the weapon's sharp blade has to cut speedily through the prisoner's spinal cord, generating unconsciousness from spinal shock.

    1934 and six decades more: Shooting

    Due to the amendment of the Thai Criminal Code, it stipulates any prisoner sentenced to death will be shot to death. Beheading, therefore, was banned and the form of execution was changed to shooting or firing squad. According to this method, a prisoner is shot to death with a machine gun aimed at the prisoner's trunk in order to generate immediate unconsciousness. The prisoner dies as a result of one or combination of effects which cause damage to vital organs such as heart, damage to the central nervous system or hemorrhage. The fist execution by shooting was carried out on 12 September 1935.

    2001 and beyond: Lethal Injection

    Lethal Injection was adopted as an authorized execution method switching from shooting since 19 October 2001. In the procedure of lethal injection, a prisoner is injected with three kinds of drugs consisting of sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride. The first drug is a barbiturate which makes the prisoner unconscious. The second one is a muscle relaxant which can paralyze the muscles and stop breathing. The last one is injected in order to stop the heart and cause cardiac arrest. To implement lethal injections, the Department of Corrections train staff to manage the injection.

    Source: Department of Corrections

    To answer your other question, people are given community service for minor offences.

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    I understand there has been a change in capital punishment -execution is now by lethal injection. Usually the Royal Pardon is granted and life imprisonement substituted -99years-no remission.
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