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    na ka

    I know ka is used by females at end of sentence, but what is the na?

    Thank you all!!

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    ross Guest
    I am hardly an expert in pasa thai ; but na is the spiit of the language. It lightens the statement making it sanuk and not intimidating na khrup

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    ross Guest
    typo" spirit"

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    "kid toong jao tour yoong"
    'kid toong' is Դ֧ (to miss someone), the rest of it I'm not sure about as it's quite difficult to make out what the Thai words are from your romanised version. If you could get it written in Thai script it would be much easier!

    I'd agree with Ross about 'na'. It's used to make a sentence softer, gentler-sounding, and as a kind of persuasive word used when asking for agreement.

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    so happy!

    "kid toong jao tour yoong" it should mean "Դ֧ҵ"...It's cute word.

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    I think it means "I miss you, you cheeky person"
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