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Locations for The Beach movie
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    Locations for The Beach movie

    Some of the movie locations for The Beach looked great. I know the main part of the movie was shot on Koh Phi Phi but what about the rest. Like the waterfall and the place they went for the rice run?

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    Well the waterfall is in Khao Yai national park in Nakhon Ratchasima province (the north-east). It's not deserted like in the movie though, the pool under the waterfall and the whole area was very crowded with Thai families and students. I can't remember seeing any other foreigners there at the time, but I went before the movie came out so that might be different now. Don't jump down the waterfall, there was a story in the Bangkok Post a while back of someone dying trying as the plunge pool as fairly shallow.

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    My school has a web site on the locations of the movie. I visited some myself during the making of the movie. We went to Phi Phi with the publicity officer from the movie. We also visited Krabi which doubled as Khao San Road and quite a few locations in Phuket which were used during the movie.

    Paradise on the Beach

    The backpacker's hotel where he first arrived was the On On Hotel in Phuket City. I watched them do a night shoot there.

    Our school did a massive 500 page web site during the making of the movie:

    I don't think it has been touched since the movie came out. That was a massive project doing that. I remember we were updating 4 or 5 times every day and we were getting something like 5000 visitors a day!
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