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Baby words
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Thread: Baby words

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    mela Guest
    I'm the italian mom to a wonderful thai baby girl, adopted 2 years ago. Maybe you can help me to understand some words she often told us in thai, and now we till use currently in our italian-thai family:
    something like "talintalao" for monkey
    "pututom" for fish

    And what's the meaning of her name Maneerat?

    Thanks for your help
    Sawatdee kaa

    Maria (Italy)

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    Maneerat - มณีรัตน์ - แก้วมณีอันมีค่า
    Maneerat = Valuable gem (jewelry)

    something like "talintalao" for monkey =ลิง (ling)
    couldn't guess -talao-

    "pututom" for fish -putu, should be written as "platu" =mackerel(ปลาทู) tom=boil (ต้ม)
    Platu Tom - ปลาทูต้ม = boil mackerel

    to cook "boil mackerel" in Thai racipe, put some water into the pot with mackerel and put some soy sauce (3-4 spoonful) and sugar (1-2 spoonful)and simmer until it is getting soft. It will taste like salty and a little bit sweet mackerel.

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