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Advice please – HIV facilities in Thailand
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    question Advice please – HIV facilities in Thailand


    Was wondering if anyone could please offer me some advice from either personal experience or perhaps from people they know?

    I am thinking of moving to Bangkok to teach English language for a number of years – before I eventually return to the UK. I am HIV positive, though am still “healthy”. My doctor envisages I should have a number of years before my condition reaches such that I require medication to treat it.

    So my questions are, what are HIV facilities like for Farang
    in Bangkok? What would the cost of regular check ups be? If I did have to go on medication while in Thailand, how costly would this be? Would I be able to afford treatment on a teacher’s wage?

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated,


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    I know nothing about the subject except that I don't have it, I was careful.
    But do know that it is fairly rampant here, as even in our small village that there are quite a few deaths due to AIDS.
    But I will post because this thread has been setting idle now.

    Do you have the degrees and education to qualify you as an English teacher other than the fact that you are Brit?? Who would just come here and get a low paying job as an off the cuff teacher in a run down low paying school??

    Here is something that I got off the web, which you pobly could have gotten or maybe have gotten.

    ""Staff shortages and high workloads in Thailand's public health offices and clinical facilities limit the capacity to initiate additional HIV/AIDS activities. In addition, high-risk populations such as injection drug users (IDUs), commercial sex workers (CSW), and men who have sex with men (MSM) are difficult to access for prevention programs, and effective prevention models are limited.""

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